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Concealed Weapons Permit in Miami

Concealed weapons permit in Miami. Class is offered everyday at 10:00 am. You will complete our firearm training class and have your firearm training certification issued by approximately 1:00 pm. Accomplish everything in one day and in the same facility, we’re a one stop shop. 

(This is the firearm training certification the state will require all concealed weapons permit applicants to acquire to as proof of firearm training when applying for a concealed weapons permit. This firearm training certification will not expire, you can take the class today and use the firearm training certification to apply for your permit at any time.) 

We understand your time is valuable and limited, therefore, we offer our class everyday to make it as convenient as possible for you to attend our concealed weapons permit Miami class on your time. Unlike others offering large concealed weapon classes once a month, we conduct very small class sizes daily. Our concealed weapons permit in Miami class typically consist of 6 students or less in order to offer each student the personal attention he/she deserves. Our classroom and gun range are conveniently located at the same facility, there’s no running all over town.

We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to attend our concealed weapon permit class:

••• A loaned 9mm firearm to qualify with in the gun range

••• The necessary ammunition and shooting target

••• Proper eye and hearing protection

••• The gun range fees are also included in the cost of attending our class

We offer a true firearm training class consisting of 3 full hours of information and tips for novices and professionals alike. We conduct our concealed weapons class in an open and relaxed atmosphere where questions are encouraged. We use a visual media presentation, lucid explanations and examples as well as props to better emphasize the class material we cover.

There are no air guns (BB, pellet or airsoft guns) used in our concealed weapons class, we use and loan our students an actual 9mm firearm and live ammunition to qualify with in our gun range as mandated by the state of Florida 790.06 statutes. Be weary of firearm training schools that do not require a live instructors presence and often do not require a firearm qualification in a gun range, this is a mandated, legal state requirement. Not doing things right will likely come back to haunt the licensee in the future.

We’ll provide everything you’ll need to attend our concealed weapons class.

Do it once, do it right. 

After completing our concealed weapons class in Miami, we will give you detailed instructions on how to apply for your concealed weapons permit in person directly and electronically with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Miami Regional Office.

As a courtesy, when you apply for your permit at the state offices, they will take your fingerprints and passport photos and notarize your concealed weapons permit application at no extra cost to you. Thats a $55 savings!

By applying directly with the state, the issuance of your Florida concealed weapons permit will be greatly expedited. Your permit issuance can take 90 days or longer when applications are mailed in however, by applying in person, permits can be issued in as little as 4-7 weeks and often, even sooner.

concealed weapons permit miami
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George, it’s been a little over a week and I just received my concealed carry license in the mail. You provide a truly great class and service.

Submitted on 2014/11/02 at 1:05 pm by Willam S

This was a really great class. In 3 hours, I felt like I was a professional. I have been shooting before but did not shoot as accurately as I did after the class. I want to recommend this concealed weapons class to everyone, you will really enjoy the time spent and learn very valuable skills.

Submitted on 2014/10/27 at 7:47 pm by Javier

I walked into this gun class thinking I was just going to go through the motions and get certified for having paid my fee. I was wrong, very wrong, I learned lots of things and realized I’ve been doing lots of things wrong all along. Then to make things even better, after the class, I was walked through the application process in person where I was treated very professionally. I want to again want to thank George for the awesome class and services and apologize for my initial skepticism. I’ll be sure to promote your class and services to all! Submitted on 2014/10/23 at 6:21 pm by David M

I highly recommend George for all that what to get their CWP. George is very professional and knowledgeable. George made the class very interesting and provided great advice. The best part was that George takes you to apply for your FL concealed weapons permit. I recieved my in 10 days! Thanks George!! Submitted on 2014/10/02 at 8:37 pm by Eddie Ll

George, thanks again. You’re a true professional. You have a phenomenal ability to explain things in a variety of ways everyone understands. You’ve created a monster! I had no guns when we met, I knew absolutely nothing about guns. Four weeks later, I own 3 semi auto’s, a Sig Sauer 229, a Springfield XDM, & a Glock 17, 1 Smith & Wesson 357 revolver, 1 Colt AR15, 1 Remington 870 shot gun and and I am heading out today to purchase yet another semi auto, a CZ75, a beautiful gun. I’m greatly looking forward to taking more classes with you. Submitted on 2014/09/30 at 11:56 am by Arnold D

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Frequently Asked Questions...

When is the concealed weapons class offered?

Our concealed weapons permit class is offered everyday, 7 days a week at 10:00 am

How much does the class cost to attend? 

The class cost is $100 to attend. In the cost, we will provide you with everything you will need to attend the class and qualify in the gun range. You just need to bring yourself and we’ll take care of all the details.

The State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has a licensing fee of $112, this fee is payable to them directly when you apply for your permit.

How long is the class?

Our concealed weapons permit class is 3 hours long.

Are weekend classed available?



Are the Firearm Instructors Certified, licensed and Insured?

Yes, all of our Firearm Instructors are Certified, licensed and have full liability insurance.

Does your instruction facility have a gun range?

Our gun range and Miami concealed weapons permit classroom are conveniently located in the same facility. At our facility, firearms are also offered for sale, you’ll an opportunity to browse and purchase concealed carry firearm at a discounted price.

Do I need to own and bring a firearm? 

No, you will not need to own or bring a firearm to the class. We will provide you with the highest quality loaned 9mm firearms (an H&K USP or an H&K P30) and the necessary ammunition to qualify with in the gun range.  We will also provide you with proper eye and hearing protections as well as the required targets.

Are the gun range fees also included in the cost of attending the class?

Yes, the gun range fees are included. There are no hidden fees.

Will I need to have my fingerprints taken at the police station?

No, as a courtesy, the state of Florida’s Department of Agricultures Regional Office will take your fingerprints for you electronically inside their office at no extra cost to you.

Will I need to provide my own passport photos?

No, as a courtesy,  the state of Florida’s Department of Agricultures Regional Office will take your passport photos for you electronically inside their office at no extra cost to you.

Will I need to have my concealed weapons permit application notarized? 

No, as a courtesy, the state of Florida’s Department of Agricultures Regional Office will notarize your concealed weapons permit application  for you inside their office at no extra cost to you.

Will I need to mail out my concealed weapons permit application?

No, as a courtesy, the state of Florida’s Department of Agricultures Regional Office will electronically scan and submit all of  your concealed weapons permit application documents for you inside their office at no extra cost to you.

How long will it take for my permit to be issued? 

By submitting your concealed weapons permit application electronically and in person, the issuance of your concealed weapons permit will be greatly expedited. It typically takes two to four weeks to receive your concealed weapons permit in the mail and often even sooner.

Are there any other fees involved?

Only the $112 licensing fee payable directly to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. There are no other fees involved.

Can I pay for the class with a credit card?

Yes, we accept all credit cards.

 Do I need to pay for the class when I sign up?

No, you may pay for the class upon arrival or you may pay when you sign up on line.

Do I need to sign up on line?

No, You can simply give us a call and we’ll arrange everything for you over the phone.

Where’s the class located?

Please note:

We are by appointment only, we cannot accept walk in students. We want to make certain we can properly accommodate all our students and provide them with everything we promise to offer. 

We’re located at 2640 West 84 Street Hialeah, Florida 33016

How old to I need to be to attend the class?

To apply for a concealed weapons permit, you must be 21 years old. However, you may attend our class and become certified for a concealed weapons permit before the age of 21, you’ll just need to wait until your 21st birthday to apply for your permit.

What if I have an arrest record?

If the arrest was traffic related or a DUI conviction not exceeding two within a 2 year period, it’s not a problem. If you have a criminal arrest, no matter how small or how long ago, even as juvenile, even if expunged, you will need to provide the state of Florida with a CERTIFIED CASE DISPOSITION for each arrest. You may apply for your permit without a certified case disposition however, it will delay the process and issuance of your permit.

Is there a test involved after the class?

No, no test is required to be qualified for a Florida concealed weapons permit.

Will I need to take notes?

No. However, we will provide you with pen and paper if you would like to do so.

Is there a numerical minimum qualification score when we qualify in the gun range?

No, for concealed weapon permit classes, the state of Florida under the 790 statutes has stated, the student must demonstrate the ability to discharge a firearm in a safe manner in the presence of a certified or licensed Firearms Instructor.  There is no failing the firearm qualification unless the student is deemed to be unsafe in the use of firearms by the Firearms Instructor.

Can I take the concealed weapons permit class on line?

No, although this is an information based class, there are many variables involved that make an on line class impossible.

Not all students have prior firearm handling experience and everyone follows along at a different pace. This is why student interaction is strongly  encouraged in our class. There’s also hands on learning that can’t be offered with an on line class. Most importantly, the gun range qualification, as per the Florida 790 statutes, a certified or licensed Firearms Instructor has to witness the student discharge a firearm in a safe manner.

How long is a Florida concealed weapons permit valid?

The Florida concealed weapons permit is valid for a period of 7 years. You will be notified a few months of its expiration to renew it. The renewal cost as of this date is, $60.

Do I need to apply for my permit immediately after the class?

No, the certification you’ll be issued does not expire. You can submit the certification at any time to apply for your concealed weapons permit.

Do I need to be a U.S. permanent resident to apply for a permit? 

Yes, you’ll need to be a permanent U.S. resident to apply for a concealed weapons permit in Florida.

Can I apply for a permit having a work or travel visa?

No, you’ll need to be a permanent U.S. resident to apply for a concealed weapons permit in Florida.

 Do I need to be a Florida resident to apply for a permit?

No, Florida will issue non-resident concealed weapon permits that are valid not only in Florida but in over 30 other states. Yes, you can live in another state and apply for a Florida concealed weapons permit.

How many states reciprocate (recognize and accept) the Florida concealed weapons license?  

As of this date, there are 34 states who reciprocate with Florida.

Can I open carry in the state of Florida? 

No, you may only carry a concealed weapon on or about your person provided you have a concealed weapons license. There are certain circumstances in where you can open carry… In your home, place of employment, while fishing or camping… nevertheless, use caution.

Do I need a concealed weapons license to purchase a firearm in Florida?

No. To purchase a firearm in Florida, you need to be a Florida resident. If you have a concealed weapons permit, you’ll be able to take it home provided you pass the FDLE background check required for each firearm purchase. If you do not have a concealed weapons license, you’ll need to wait a mandatory 3 day waiting period to pick up the firearm, the waiting period is 5 days in West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade county.

Can I cancel or reschedule at the last minute?

Yes, since we offer class everyday and we comprehend that last minute things happen, you’re always welcome to reschedule to attend on a day that works better for you.

Can I carry a concealed weapon while I wait for my concealed weapons permit to arrive? 

No, in order to legally carry a concealed weapon in Florida, you must have your concealed weapons license and drivers license on your person.

Am I restricted to carry the specific firearm or kind of firearm I quailed with in the class?

No, in Florida, you can legally carry any firearm provided that you can keep it concealed, “out of plain sight”.

Does a concealed weapons license or certification from another state work to apply for a Florida license?

Not always, not in most cases. Please call the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Licensing Division to inquire directly (850) 245-5691

Must I legally register my firearms?

No, In Florida, firearm registration does not exist.


If you have any questions what so ever, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you (305) 282-4486


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