If You Have Ever Been Arrested

Others will never inform you of this, nor is it anyone’s responsibility to do so however, we do not want you pay us and the state to later find out you are not going to be issued a concealed weapons permit. We’ve been through this with many students previously and have a very clear understanding of how to properly submit your CCW application. Therefore we’ll be upfront about what the state will require you to provide along with your CCW application in order to save you valuable time & money.

Please read carefully:

If you have ever been “ARRESTED BUT NOT CONVICTED”, in Florida, in another state or out of the country, as a juvenile or as an adult, even if the case was set aside, vacated, dismissed, reversed, adjudication was withheld even if the case has been sealed or if the record has been expunged, it is strongly recommended that you provide the state with (A CERTIFIED CASE DISPOSITION) for each arrest you’ve had to accompany your concealed weapons permit application submittal.

If you have been “ARRESTED AND CONVICTED OF A FELONY” we strongly recommend that you make certain the State of Florida has fully restored your firearm rights not just your civil rights (Florida State Statute 790.23) | Florida Pardon and Clemency information: (Florida Parole Commission) before applying for a Florida CCW.  we also advise that you also inquire directly with the Florida Department of Agriculture to determine your eligibility and requirements for your specific situation (850) 245-5691.

You may apply for a concealed weapon permit without providing a certified case disposition however, by not submitting this, the issuance of your concealed weapon permit may encounter unnecessary delays and/or may be denied.  An arrest will not necessarily preclude you from being issued a concealed weapon permit as long as the all the proper documentation is initially submitted with your CCW application.

The decision to issue a concealed weapons permit is that of the State of Florida. There are absolutely no guarantees that by submitting a certified case disposition you’ll be automatically granted a concealed weapons permit, it only guarantees that if you’re eligible, you will not run into delays or denials based on any missing documentation.

Where to obtain a certified case disposition:




A certified case disposition is obtainable at the clerk of courts office located in the city or town where each particular arrest occurred.

If you are unable to obtain your certified case disposition on your own, give us a call and we may be able to assist you in retrieving the document for you. 

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