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License2Carry Concealed Weapons Class Student Reviews

Highly recommend this class. Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff and instructor. Made me feel real comfortable with the safe handling of firearms. Will be bringing my wife an 24 year old daughter to this class. Proper knowledge of the use and safety of firearms should be number one priority if you plan on having a firearm at home for personal protection.
Submitted by Jesus C

George, I just received my concealed carry license in the mail. You provide a truly great class and service.
Submitted by Willam S

I walked into this gun class thinking I was just going to go through the motions and get certified for having paid my fee. I was wrong, very wrong, I learned lots of things and realized I’ve been doing lots of things wrong all along. I want to again want to thank George for the awesome class and services and apologize for my initial skepticism. I’ll be sure to promote your class and services to all!
Submitted by David M

George, thanks again. You’re a true professional. You have a phenomenal ability to explain things in a variety of ways everyone understands. You’ve created a monster! I had no guns when we met, I knew absolutely nothing about guns. Four weeks later, I own 3 semi auto’s, a Sig Sauer 229, a Springfield XDM, & a Glock 17, 1 Smith & Wesson 357 revolver, 1 Colt AR15, 1 Remington 870 shot gun and and I am heading out today to purchase yet another semi auto, a CZ75, a beautiful gun. I’m greatly looking forward to taking more classes with you.
Submitted by Arnold D

This was a really great class. In 3 hours, I felt like I was a professional. I have been shooting before but did not shoot as accurately as I did after the class. I want to recommend this concealed weapons class to everyone, you will really enjoy the time spent and learn very valuable skills.
Submitted by Javier

I highly recommend George for all that what to get their CWP. George is very professional and knowledgeable. George made the class very interesting and provided great advice. Thanks George!!
Submitted by Eddie L

Learned the do’s and don’ts of gun handling George Caro is a very patient teacher with very clear explanations. I was really nervous but after finishing George’s class, I felt much more comfortable with guns because I learned the do’s and don’ts of gun handling as well as the really important why’s. I’ll surely recommend George to all my friends.
Submitted by Rosy

This class will SAVE you TIME and STRESS cannot be more happy with the concealed weapons permit class! The class was informative, well taught and ample time was given for hands on instruction. I will definitely recommend George’s class to my family and friends.
Submitted by Raul D

Whole process takes about 4 hours … hen I decided  to get my concealed gun license I didn’t really know where to start or what to do. Having come across this website, I gave it a shot and called . George the instructor is very helpful and easy going from start to finish. I highly recommend you take this course. Thank you George for all the great instruction!!
Submitted by Robert

I was really afraid of guns and with George’s class he helped me to overcome the fear!!! y husband and I took this class on a Sunday and we think George is the best!!! George, keep up the good work!!!
Submitted by Angela V

I started shooting straight in only 30 minutes bought a gun and my friends said that if I practiced I would get better but I practiced  for once a week for 2 months and still couldn’t shoot straight then I found George  and asked him to show me how to shoot with a personal training class and then I started shooting straight in only 30 minutes. I can’t wait to go and shoot with my friends again and show them what’s what.
Submitted by Jerry

I recommend everyone take this class it’s worth every penny took a markmanship class with George and he freaked  everyone out by shooting bullseye over and over and over and not looking though with guns sights. He showed us that a weapons sights are not as important as everyone makes them out. There’s so much more involved in shooting that will affect accuracy. I would gladly pay for another training class!!!! I recommend everyone take this class it’s worth every penny.
Submitted by Humberto

I hadn’t found anyone I felt comfortable working… want to take the time to Thank You for the individualized  attention on Friday’s Marksmanship class. I am, without a DOUBT, fully interested in the pistol self defense class as well as further Marksmanship training. I will also GLADLY compensate you for additional Marksmanship training. As I said previously, I have always been interested in guns and target shooting and whatnot, however, I hadn’t pursued the interest as a novice learner because I hadn’t found anyone I felt comfortable working with that seemed to know, quite frankly, what they were doing. 🙂
Submitted by Matt

Do it the right way! n addition to all these good reviews, I had the opportunity to take a private training class with George. It was a great experience, very professional and fun. I will take more training for sure. Do it the right way!
Submitted by Ramiro

A hands on approach to gun safety and made me feel super comfortable eorge is an excellent teacher and a great person. I highly recommend him to everyone!
Submitted by Willie

I had personally never touched a gun before this class. George took the time to fully explain gun safety and proper handling and let us all work with the guns ourselves one by one so we could better understand  the operation. He made everything crystal clear so that everyone understood. My husband who knows nothing about guns will be attending George’s class this week and getting his permit as well.
Submitted by Pauline

He walked me through everything I needed  to do in about 4 hours etting a concealed carry permit has been on my list of many things to do for years. I really hesitated because I heard from lots of friends that it was a big hassle to get a gun permit. I called George and he assured me it would not be a hassle and he walked me through everything I needed to do in about 4 hours. I wish I would have run into George a long long time ago. It was a really great class and experience  and I recommend George to everyone!
Submitted by Jonathan H

How its suppose to be without wasting your time don’t mess with stuff I don’t know. I took a guns permit class at the gun show and never applied for the guns permit. About 6 years ago I sent my application and wasted $117 because of some bull crap papers the state said was missing. With George, I got my guns permit in a 3 weeks. George knows how things are suppose to be without wasting your time. I going to send my pops and uncle to George for a guns permit.
Submitted by Dedrick

The cwp instructor George made everything super easy for us. I wish more people would go the extra mile to get things done like George. Thanks george, I’ll send more people your way.
Submitted by Daniela

I cant believe I was shooting better than everyone at the range. I took George’s concealed weapons course and was very happy with the course. I also took George’s marksmanship class too and in about one hour, I was shooting better than everyone else at the range. George has a great way of explaining things and then how to apply them. George is guy to go to when it comes to learning about guns. George also got me a discount on a gun I bought. I recommend George to everyone wanting to learn about guns or interested in getting a permit.
Submitted by Manuel

These guys really do what they say and more for you. I called around and got lower prices for cwp classes but all I got was bad attitudes and run arounds. I decided to go with license2carry, I was a little skeptical but let me tell everyone, it’s not bull, these guys really do what they say and more for you. Thanks again George!
Submitted by Douglas H.

I got my weapons permit in 11 days. My brother mailed his application package a month before me and is still waiting for his permit, still has no answers about when his permit will be ready. The difference? The difference is in the details. “PRICELESS!”.
Submitted by Richard

Hands-on training method that puts everything into perspective George is a great teacher who takes time to answer questions, he gives good examples and encourages everyone and he doesn’t proceed until everyone understands. George has a hands-on training method that puts everything into perspective instead of just sitting through a lecture. George made the concealed weapons process a very enjoyable experience. I recommend George to everyone.
Submitted by Michael A

Don’t know why I waited so long… George makes this the most painless process ever, you want your concealed weapons done and done right, give George a call.
Submitted by Shane D

The necessary knowledge and experience he class was great with George and Ike. Great guys with the the necessary knowledge and experience. Thank you both for a fantastic learning experience!
Submitted by Vicente H

George is the man to see if you want your concealed  carry permit. He is very good and gives you tips on safety, marksmanship, and than takes you to the range to shoot. Like I said before, George is the man.
Submitted by Ricky S

WOW! george’s class was great and very informative. I was glad to see that he wanted to make sure that I knew what I was getting into. He took his time and asked if I understood everything that he was teaching.  When we went to the range, he explained everything again about the firearm before we even loaded  it. I was very impressed with the way that George conducts his business, very professional and friendly. I have already recommended  this to all of my friends and family.
Submitted by Eric

I’m not exactly the best writer, but let me give you my summary of the course. George is an excellent instructor! He provides you with a hands on training and safety and makes you feel comfortable when showing you the do’s and don’ts. He is an excellent teacher and a great person. I very highly recommend him to everyone.
Submitted by Alex

George made everything clear when it came to guns and safety. I would very much recommend him to anyone who is interested in obtaining your cwp.
Submitted by Ryan M

This class was great. I was nervous and knew nothing about guns when I arrived but I left feeling comfortable and confident. The instructor is very patient with newbies like me, all my questions we’re answered  fully. I will recommend this class to anyone interested about knowing about guns or wanting a concealed weapons permit.
Submitted by Miriam 

I called around and spoke to several gun instructors offering concealed weapons permit classes and I got a lot of different responses. Some offer a half hour video class, some don’t go shooting with you and some who seem real legit but there’s something not so right about the whole deal. I went with my gut instinct and went with license2carry. I really learned so much more than I was expecting. I was waiting to sit through a lot of BS and fall asleep but no, it was a really good class.
Submitted by Jose 

George, you’re the best! My friends all say I just won’t stop talking about this class. I keep telling them all how much I learned and that I can’t wait to go practice more at the range. Submitted by Heather I George, thanks again and I’ll be recommending all my friends to you.
Submitted by Ricardo P

This class was great and George is great teacher. If your looking for a great class and a teacher go to George, he is the best at what he does. I give this a A+++.
Submitted by Juan P

All I can say is that George is an awesome teacher, very well spoken, easy to understand and very thorough. The class was well worth the drive and time. I have never felt more comfortable with a firearm as I do now that I have taken George’s class.
Submitted by Kevin D

I’m from the UK originally where legally owning and carrying a handgun is unthinkable. So making the decision to apply for CCW permit was a big step for me. But after taking George’s class I feel confident that I’ve been given all the essential information and training to properly operate and safely carry a firearm. The information was presented clearly and concisely and George took the time to answer all my questions. George includes the use of his personal firearm, ammunition. After we’d finished shooting, he took the time to look at several weapons in the gun shop and advise me on the guns he thought might be best for me. Great class, great service and very reasonably priced.
Submitted by Tim O

Gracias George por la clase que me diste eres un gran instructor y se puede sentir la pacion por lo que haces,si alguin nesecita una clase de portar Alma no dudaria en recomendarte por que eres el mejor sin dudas…
Submitted by Cristian B

This class was very well structured and worth every penny. his class was great and George is great teacher. Everyone needs to know how to properly use a gun and when and when not to use it, George will guide you from A-Z about weapon safety and laws. God bless…
Submitted by Srini D

George Caro

George Caro

Firearms Instructor

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